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Columbus (THE Columbus). If you’re visiting, I’d have to suggest you get your beer and bourbon fix at the Blue Danube (the ‘Dube) just north of campus on High Street, and of course, on your way home find the nearestJeni’s Ice Cream.


Favorite – At first I had said A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by the staggering genius that is Dave Eggers. The voice, the tone, everything in line with how I feel I’d write if I were 1) talented enough and 2) disciplined enough. Incredible book. But then I realized I was cheating on my favorite favorite –The Fool’s Progress: An Honest Novel, by Edward Abbey. A great guy’s book about the nobility and flaws in all of us.

Current – Jobs by Walter Isaacson (can the founder of a PR firm focused on startups say anything else?)

TV show

Favorite – Homicide – Life on the Streets. Before The Wire, before Tremé, there was Homicide. Too easily forgotten.

Current – Justified. You had me at Elmore Leonard.


Great advice for any entrepreneur looking for help – courtesy of Pitbull (hat-tip to VLinks Media’s Vishal Shah): “Ask for Money, Get Advice. Ask for Advice, Get Money Twice” (hear it here)

That was dumb

YouTube has countless videos teaching you how to do things, even how to cut a branch. I consulted none of them before climbing 18 feet into the air to do just that. One stretcher and ambulance trip later, plus 30 days of muscle relaxants and recovery time, I was back to normal (though I felt a bit shorter). Also dumb: I used to think Michael Douglas and Kurt Russell were brothers, even though they didn’t have the same last name.