Propllr runs the popular “Here’s How Startup Marketing Conference,” which features top startups sharing real-world, actionable, step-by-step, “how-to” marketing advice.

The next Here’s How Startup Marketing Conference is being held on May 12, 2017 at TechNexus. Register today and hear from the likes of Tock, kCura, M1 Finance, Snapsheet, Rentalutions and many more!

Below are videos from the first two Here’s How conferences.

Here’s How I Used Grassroots Marketing to Raise $255,000 on Kickstarter – Tovala’s Alex Solomon


Here’s How I Turned Our Data into PR Gold – Grubhub’s Kaitlyn Carl


Here’s How I Did $40 Million in Fortune 500 Sales in Our First 3 Years – Curiosity’s Michael Burke


Here’s How I Learned the Truth of Growth Hacking (and It’s Not Pretty) – Farmlogs’ Kelsey Cohen


Here’s How I Launched a Company That Was Founded Seven Years Ago – ItemMaster’s Courtney Jane Acuff


Here’s How I Built a Marketing Team from Scratch – Narrative Science’s Katy DeLeon


Here’s How I Did Lead Gen Wrong In Order to Do It Right – Clutch’s Kate Atty


Here’s How I Used Thought Leadership to Generate Sales – Project 44’s Ally Lynch


Here’s How I Sold the Same Product to an $80 Billion Giant and a Kid Just Out of College – RetireUp’s Brian Bossler


Here’s How I Made It Look Like We Were Killing It Before We Were Killing It – RippleShot’s Kaleigh Simmons


Here’s How I Created and Executed an Integrated Holiday Marketing Campaign in One Week – SpotHero’s Kristen Cho


Here’s How I Built Marketing Partnerships That Actually Generate Growth – Insureon’s Lou Friedmann


Here’s How I Made a Product Video with No Product – Belly’s Jennifer Beightol


Here’s How I Got 200 Features in 2 Years – Context Media’s Philip de Guzman


Here’s How I Made Trade Shows Work – InContext Solutions’s Patrick Niersbach


Here’s How I Wrote 1 Million Words of Content and Started Ranking on Google – Insureon’s Brenna Lemieux


Here’s How I Started a Marketing Automation Program from Scratch – Jellyvision’s Melanie Chapman


Here’s How I Doubled User Growth by Leveraging Network Effects – Pangea’s Lamia Pardo


Here’s How I Acquired an Entirely New User Base with a Single Video – Reverb’s Peter Schu


Here’s How I Got Leads Before I Had a Product – ReviewTrackers’ Brian Sparker


Here’s How I Rebranded a Great Company from the Inside – WyzAnt’s Abby Hunt