Propllr runs the popular “Here’s How Startup Marketing Conference,” which features top startups sharing real-world “how-to” marketing advice.

Our next Here’s How conference is Tuesday, June 27 – SIGN UP TODAY with the code “Propllr” to save $20!

To get a sense of what to expect, here are videos from the two Here’s How conferences:

Here’s How I Used Grassroots Marketing to Raise $255,000 on Kickstarter – Tovala’s Alex Solomon


Here’s How I Turned Our Data into PR Gold – Grubhub’s Kaitlyn Carl


Here’s How I Did $40 Million in Fortune 500 Sales in Our First 3 Years – Curiosity’s Michael Burke


Here’s How I Learned the Truth of Growth Hacking (and It’s Not Pretty) – Farmlogs’ Kelsey Cohen


Here’s How I Launched a Company That Was Founded Seven Years Ago – ItemMaster’s Courtney Jane Acuff


Here’s How I Built a Marketing Team from Scratch – Narrative Science’s Katy DeLeon


Here’s How I Did Lead Gen Wrong In Order to Do It Right – Clutch’s Kate Atty


Here’s How I Used Thought Leadership to Generate Sales – Project 44’s Ally Lynch


Here’s How I Sold the Same Product to an $80 Billion Giant and a Kid Just Out of College – RetireUp’s Brian Bossler


Here’s How I Made It Look Like We Were Killing It Before We Were Killing It – RippleShot’s Kaleigh Simmons


Here’s How I Created and Executed an Integrated Holiday Marketing Campaign in One Week – SpotHero’s Kristen Cho


Here’s How I Built Marketing Partnerships That Actually Generate Growth – Insureon’s Lou Friedmann


Here’s How I Made a Product Video with No Product – Belly’s Jennifer Beightol


Here’s How I Got 200 Features in 2 Years – Context Media’s Philip de Guzman


Here’s How I Made Trade Shows Work – InContext Solutions’s Patrick Niersbach


Here’s How I Wrote 1 Million Words of Content and Started Ranking on Google – Insureon’s Brenna Lemieux


Here’s How I Started a Marketing Automation Program from Scratch – Jellyvision’s Melanie Chapman


Here’s How I Doubled User Growth by Leveraging Network Effects – Pangea’s Lamia Pardo


Here’s How I Acquired an Entirely New User Base with a Single Video – Reverb’s Peter Schu


Here’s How I Got Leads Before I Had a Product – ReviewTrackers’ Brian Sparker


Here’s How I Rebranded a Great Company from the Inside – WyzAnt’s Abby Hunt