Propllr is a Chicago startup PR firm that helps founders establish credibility and grow awareness so that they can achieve their business, fund-raising and recruiting goals.

Media Relations
Propllr builds strong, mutually beneficial relationships with key editors, reporters, producers and bloggers, giving them the stories their readers want to see, and securing their explicit or implicit endorsement of you, your company and your products.

Messaging & Positioning
Can you explain your business in 10 seconds or less? Are your top three benefits known and readily shared by your employees? Do your differentiators resonate with your audience? Propllr digs deep into your business and its competitive landscape to stake your position in the marketplace.

Company & Product Launches
You can only launch a company or product once. And while strong launches can’t guarantee success, a successful introduction shows immediate momentum and gives prospective clients confidence in your ability to provide a quality product with strong service.

Social Media
Propllr helps clients leverage social media to engage with key influencers and to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with reporters and industry thought-leaders.

Analyst Relations

If a well-placed story on your business can spark new business, an analyst’s positive take on your position in a competitive industry can be a flame-thrower, quickly establishing you as a leader.

Corporate Communications
Communication is often strong in smaller organizations, but it is often the first thing companies lose during periods of growth. Because growth requires not only that clients and prospects understand who you are, but also your employees, Propllr builds programs that keep your team moving forward together.

Search Engine Optimization
The PR “home run” used to be the cover of Fortune or an appearance on The Today Show. Today it’s also about page one placement in Google’s search results. Propllr secures placements that put your URL on high quality websites and works with your SEO team on keyword strategy.